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Rata Log Forks

Rata Log forks are a heavy duty attachment for handling logs, posts and building poles. They are standard with a roll back safety frame and fabricated high strength forks. We produce three models, no hydraulic grab, single hydraulic grab and also a twin hydraulic grab. The Single hydraulic grab model has the ability to clamp on a post end for simple post removal.

Heavy Duty Build

Rata Log Forks are built strong with heavy fabricated tines gusseted for extra strength. This enables you to handle any job with peace of mind.

Ram Protection

Hydraulic Rams on Rata Log Forks (on applicable models) are located to the rear of the frame and are enclosed on the front and sides to offer maximum protection.

High Tensile Pins

All pins on he Rata Log Fork are made from high strength high tensile steel, these pins are also greasable to ensure smooth operation an minimise wear

Easy Grease Access

All grease points on the Rata Log Fork are easily accessed to help keep the job quick and easy, yet are located in positions that protect them from working damage.

Post Removal Clamp

The LGF04S model of Rata Log Fork (single hydraulic grab model) comes standard with a post removal system, simply push the base of the log fork frame against the post & close the clamp to ‘pinch and pull’

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Rata Log Forks