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Rata Silage Forks

Rata silage forks are manufactured from high strength steel, with a Hi – build enamel paint finish. Tines are forged spring steel with a welded conus 1 taper sleeve bush. The open back frame with vertical bars gives excellent vision of the material that’s being handled.

Rata manufactures these silage forks to fit almost any front end loader or material handler. Silage forks are ideal for handling pit silage and light tree prunings. Larger sizes, up to 3.0m wide are also avaliable for telehandlers and large loaders.

Excellent Vision & Retention

Vertical rear bars of the back frame provide excellent vision for the operator whilst retaining the product on the fork, this is particularly handy when using it to make a silage stack or pick up hedge trimmings.

Excellent Tine Support

Tines on Rata Silage Forks are high quality German produced silicium spring steel, these tines are also supported in the fork base by a tapered conus bush, this prevents slogging in the base and provides maximum tine support.

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Rata Silage Forks