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Rata Compact Power Claw

Rata Compact Power Claws are an answer to a call from the lifestyle & compact tractor owners for an ‘all-rounder’ attachment to suit these smaller machines, so the compact model was designed & built for the specific purpose of providing a multi-task attachment remaining compatable with these smaller tractors, weighing in at 135kg it can be made to suit just about any compact/garden tractor, with the opening dimension of 800mm it can handle anything from logs, hedge trimings & rocks. Made from 10mm AR450-grade high strength plate to give a lifetime of use, the 2 double acting rams ensure there is enough clamp pressure to hold onto anything!

High Tensile & Braced Tines

Compact model Power Claw tines are made from 10mm AR450 grade high tensile steel for maximum strength and durability, the tines are also braced to ensure maximum rigidity and prevent any possible splaying.

Heavy Top & Serrated Teeth

Compact Power Claw tops also feature 10mm AR450 grade tines and bracing as well. Compact Grapples also feature serrated tine teeth on the base and tops (as seen in this picture) which help to maintain an excellent grip.

Hydraulic Ram Protection

Hydraulic rams on the Compact Power Claw are fully protected from the working area by heavy steel plates, enabling you to work with peace of mind.

Excellent Vision

Along width durability and performance the Compact Power Claw was designed to provide excellent vision to the working area for the operator.

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Rata Compact Power Claw