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Rata Standard Power Claw

Previously known as the Versatile Grapple, this attachment can be fitted to almost any loader or material handler. It must be the most useful tool you can think of because of due to the number of applications & tasks it can be used for, these include: rocks, logs, tree removal, hay bales, root rake, prunings, rubbish and much more.

The exceptional clamping force and 16mm AR450 Abrasion Resistant super high strength tines make this grapple a true multi tasker. Interlocking tines ensure excellent grip & clamping force.

High Tensile & Braced Tines

Power Claw tines are made from 16mm thick AR450 Abrasion Resistant steel for maximum strength and durability, and are braced to prevent any splaying.

Interlocking Tines

Interlocking tines of the Power Claw ensure excellent grip on any product or item that’s being handled, this makes handling the likes of hedge trimmings and branches much easier as the product is fully secured.

Hydraulic Protection

Rata Power Claw feature powerful hydraulic rams and high quality hosing, the rams are located to the rear of the grapple away from the working area and the hoses are located out of harms way to ensure full protection.

Heavy Pins & Bushes

The Rata Power Claw features heavy duty pins & bushes throughout the build. All pins are high tensile and greasable with the main pivots being 35mm diameter and supported by extra bushes.

Excellent Pin Geometry

The pin geometry of the Power Claw ensures a large arc of movement to close as tight as possible while also being able to open to large widths. This geometry also ensures full clamping force is available throughout the arc of movement.

Excavator Models Available

Excavator models are available, these feature larger pivot points and 20mm thick tines along with thicker RHS back frames. Digger models are available from 0.9m to 1.8m wide. These models suit excavators from 4.5T to 20T

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Rata Standard Power Claw