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Rata Shear Grab

Through the combinaton of the clean cut obtained from the unique serrated knife edge and rounded front design, the implement leaves a sealed pit face, eliminating secondary fermentation. The side walls and closely spaced cranked tines minimise silage/maize loss during transport.

  • High tensile steel
  • Robust frame
  • Powerful rams.

Serrated Knife Edge

All Rata Silage Shear Grabs feature a serrated knife cutting edge. Serrated teeth cut the silage faster, stay sharper for longer, serrated teeth along with rounded grab face also help keep the stack sealed which prevents secondary fermentation.

Powerful Hydraulic Rams

Hydraulic rams on Rata Shear Grabs are large and powerful to cut through the most dense silage stacks. Models under 2.1m wide have 2 Rams, Models 2.1m wide and above come with 3 hydraulic rams.

Heavy Duty Build

Rata Shear Grabs are designed and built heavy duty to cope with a long, hard working life. Heavy steel plate, bushes and bosses ensure maximum strength and support, particularly around pivot points and high stress load areas.

Smart Hose Routing

Hydraulic hoses are routed to keep away from the working area of the Shear Grab, this ensures they are kept out of harms way whilst remaining easy to access.

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Rata Shear Grab