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Rata Silage Sabre

Rata Silage Grabs are ideal for high volume silage handling, the Rata Silage Grab has been the popular choice on NZ farms for many years due to its high quality build & ability to secure large amounts of silage & leave the stack or pit face clean.

“Rata Silage Grabs are ideal for loading feedout wagons & mixers & are the preferred brand across New Zealand farms”

Powerful Hydraulic Rams

All Rata Silage Grabs feature powerful hydraulic rams that bite through any silage stack and securely clamp the feed, all Silage Grabs have x2 rams apart from the ASG120 which has a single centre mounted ram.

High Quality Tines

Tines in Rata Silage Grabs are high quality and manufactured from silicium spring steel by a renowned German manufacturer, these tines are also supported with tapered conus bushes that provide extra support when under load.

Wide Opening Width

With a wide opening width of 1510mm this grab can easily handle large quantities of silage or large bales. The dimension is taken from the tip of the base tine directly to the tip of the top tine.

Excellent Pin Geometry

The pin geometry of Rata Silage Grabs has been designed to provde maximum preassure possible at every point in the open and close arc, this makes it easier to use with high clamping pressure available at all times.

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Rata Silage Sabre