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Hustler Softhands Bale Handlers

Softhands® has been developed and field-tested to provide more grip on the bale, reducing damage and deformation. With all pitch point eliminated from the design, no chance to rip or damage your bales. Built with safety and user-friendliness in mind, operators rave about how nice these bale grabs are to use. The Softhands® bale handlers carry Hustler’s 4-year warranty for added peace of mind.

LM100 | LX200

Reduce bale damage

Designed with no tear-points so you can handle bales without damaging the bale wrap of both, the bale you’re handling and adjacent bales.

Better ensiling

The unique hand shape reduces deformation and the inclusion of air pockets in the fermentation process.

Unrivalled control

Our patented floating Equaliser™ bar keeps the hands moving simultaneously which makes handling bales safer and easier, whilst giving the operator more control. It also allows the operator to compress bales in either direction without leaving the cab when loading trailers, making for safer loads.


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Hustler Softhands Bale Handlers