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Rata Pallet Forks

Features include fixed or adjustable width forks, optional hydraulic side shift and high back safety frame. Pallet forks can be made to fit to almost any front end loader or material handler. Adjustable forks can be locked into place along the sliding bar by the locking bolt on the top of the fork. 1800kg and 2500kg capacity forks have a class 2 fork carriage.


Class 2 Carriage

Pallet Fork models AWPF8 and AWPF25 both feature a class 2 fork carriage, this is a standard forklift style carriage that offers greater support for loads of higher weights.

Class 1 Carriage

Models AWPF05, AWPF1 & AWPF5 all feature a Class 1 solid bar carriage. This carriage is suitable for the lower weight ranges and also offers a ‘floating fork’ feature as tines are only fixed at one point from which they can swing.

Full Range of Options

There are a full range of options for Rata Pallet Forks to make this attachment even more versatile. Side shifters and fork extensions can help to make your tractor as useful as any yard forklift!


Model (Code) Description Approx. Weight (kg)
AWPF05 Adjustable width 500kg capacity 90
AWPF1 Adjustable width 1000kg capacity 125
AWPF5 Adjustable width 1500kg capacity 163
AWPF8 Adjustable width 1800kg capacity 171
AWPF25 Adjustable width 2500kg capacity 235
AWPF25T Adjustable width 2500kg capacity (To suit telehandlers) 250
Other Pallet Fork options available on request

Weights are approximate only, and will vary depending on the hitch type

Specifications (Fixed width models)

Model (Code) Description Approx. Weight (kg)
ESPF1 Economy fixed width 1,000kg capacity (Low back frame) 78
FWPF1 Fixed width 1,000kg capacity 102
FWPF5 Fixed width 1,500kg capacity 155
Note: 800mm outside of fork blades unless specified otherwise

Weights are approximate only, and will vary depending on the hitch type

Specifications (Pallet Fork Options)

Model (Code) Description
HYDSS Hydraulic side shift for AWPF8 & AWPF25
HYDSS1 Hydraulic side shift for AWPF5
HYDSS2 Hydraulic side shift for AWPF05 & AWPF1
PF150 Fork extension kit 150mm wide x 1800mm long
Note: HYDSS can be retrofitted. HYDSS1 & HYDSS2 have to be fitted at time of order.

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Rata Pallet Forks