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Hustler EzFeed Silage Wagons

SM110 | SM130 | SX180 | SX210

With a slew of innovative features, the EzFeed silage wagons have the stats to make you hungry for more. Strength, reliability and simplicity combine to make these the best silage wagons money can buy.

The most simple, reliable silage wagon on the market designed for farmers who simply cannot afford downtime and rely solely on silage as the supplementary feed of choice. Ideal for trough feeding, feeding under a wire, feeding along a fence line avoid trampling and general pasture feeding.

100% Roller Chains

With EzFeed gone are the days of trouble-some link chains and conveyor belts which require constant adjustment, fine-tuning and are often slipping or breaking disrupting your feeding program. EzFeed is the first wagon on the market to run a 100% roller-chain design to overcome this.

Virtually Indestructible Hungry Boards

High-impact resistant and rotational moulded, our replaceable  Hungry Boards can take a beating from your front-loader without turning to splinters and making your nice EzFeed silage wagon look all dinged up. Another industry first from Hustler.


The first silage wagon to feature left or right hand feed discharge for more feeding versatility. And with 5 positions for the discharge floor allows for easy setup when feeding into troughs. Coming soon is an electric in-cab controller option for on the fly feed direction change and hydraulic side-shift.

Low-skill operators dream

As the name suggests EzFeed makes feeding silage easier than ever before. As standard only one set of hydraulics is all it takes to connect and power the whole machine and our clever adjustable load-sensing hydraulics takes care of the rest making EzFeed the ideal wagon for low-skilled staff.

Unique Uni-Body Design

Built utilising our proven Combi wagon platform EzFeed has the toughest axle design on the market by a country mile, large suspension travel, comes scale ready for our industry first FeedLink feed management system which weighs on both the jack/skid and drawbar, impact resistant puck-board floors, toughest bars and more.

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Hustler EzFeed Silage Wagons