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Hustler Trailed Chainless Bale Feeders

The Chainless trailed square and round bale feeders are self-loading, suitable for feeding out any bale, round or square, and it maximises feed use. Designed for medium to large operations. A Chainless trailed bale feeder minimises feed waste by feeding out into narrow windrows to make the feed more accessible to animals and all but eliminate damage from hoof trampling, manure spoilage, and animals laying down on the feed. More efficient use of power, savings on machinery investment and faster bale feeding all add up to impressive fuel economy – made possible by the hydraulic drive system at the heart of every Hustler Chainless trailed bale feeder.

TE205 / TX205

Feeds any Bale Type Shape or Size

The Chainless Trailed Bale Feeder is the most versatile Bale Feeder, it will feed out any bale round, square, tight, soft, short, long, dry and wet bales with ease.


No troublesome feed chains is a key advantage for – Reliability, lower maintenance and quieter operation, the teasing action of the rotors uses feed more economically because it is easier for the cattle as they can eat it because it is fluffed up. The Chainless can effectively feed out any bale type in both round or square. Chainless is a virtually silent feeding operation which means your stock will be more comfortable.

Total Control 2 Loading System

This gives you total control overloading the bale. The simple, reliable and fool-proof single cylinder design of the Hustler loading system is safer than other loading systems and allows unwrapping of the bale above the feed cradle, reducing waste.  The Hustler loading system can be reversed if the operator decides not to load that bale. It also has more support area for soft or square bales. The Chainless square and round Bale Feeder have more leverage, stronger design and larger 1.5-tonne (3,300 lb) capacity.

Easy Clean Hypaflo Wiper Panel

The newly developed wiper panel that clears the hay from the rotors better. It has a new quick release latching system for releasing the panel to clean out any hay.

New Rotor

The New Rotor shape has better penetration on tight bales and the shape cleans sticky bales better. The new Axial Rotor centralizes the bale in the feeding chamber so that there is less wastage. It has more grip on sloppy, rotor cut bales which makes feeding them out easier and more efficient. The larger bale chamber makes it possible to feed out a wider range of bales, and also makes using the TX205 trailed bale feeder very simple for operators of all skill levels and reduces the need for platform adjustment

Time-Saving Features

Loaded with time-saving and money-saving features such as; QRC Grips, Drawbar hose holder, biggest stub axles on the market, Loadial loading indicator, Feedguide built-in platform height guide and Hustler’s stamp of quality, full 2-year warranty, and much more.

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Hustler Trailed Chainless Bale Feeders