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Hustler LoadMax Tip Trailer

Tough tip trailer range, loaded with unique operator convenience features, a longer-lasting steel deck, folding headboard, reinforced 2-piece sides that handle a beating from rocks, and a twist-resistant structure to prevent roll-over when tipping.

TX108 TX110 TX114

The world’s best farmers have been asking for a strong, versatile trailer that saved them time and hassle with any on-farm handling duties, so they could get more done every day. So that’s what we built into our 8, 10 and 14 tonne models.

Features and Benefits

Angled top of sides

LoadMax’s angled top of sides not only gives more strength but also prevents dirt building up and dropping off as you drive down the road.

Folding headboard

As standard LoadMax comes with a folding headboard so you can carry more.

Steep tipping angle

Less dirt hung-up in the LoadMax thanks to a steeper tipping angle.

Clever ram placement

Our centre mounted vertical pushing ram provides more pushing power, and less stress for a more robust design, and the bottom is protected by the chassis.

2 speed jack

Massive 2 speed jack, and forged towing eye, leaves no stones unturned in the LoadMax design.

Safety stand

As standard LoadMax has a built in folding safety bar for maintenance.

Massive tool-boxes

The huge tool-boxes as standard are a game changer for LoadMax with loads of room for straps or anything else you need to take with you.

Overbuilt chassis

We recieved feedback farmers wanted a tough no nonsense trailer… so we over engineered every part of it! Nothing compares.

Toughest Axle

Our proven tandem axle with 4” diameter pins are indestructable. Never again will you need to replace bushes!

Hydraulic taildoor release

Gone are the days of wire-ropes or chains and frequent adjustment that comes with it. LoadMax features as standard a hydraulic tailgate trip and now you can control from the cab when to release the tailgate. This is also a safety feature for our dual-hinged design.

Dual swing tail door

Standard LoadMax comes with a dual-hinged tail door for normal emptying and spreading or side folding for logs, rocks or machinery transport.

Tough reinforced sides

Tough reinforced sides, headboard and tailgate with quickly removable hinges handle the impact of heavy rocks.

2-piece, removeable sides

2-piece removable sides with centre post for strength and lifting eyes make them easier to handle.


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Hustler LoadMax Tip Trailer