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Rata Drawbar Hitch

Tow your Bale Wrapper to the job, drop the tines on the Drawbar Hitch Combo and transport bales to the Wrapper on the rear as well as the front!

  • Fully welded robust construction
  • Strong through welded conus 2 tines
  • Excellent vision of pin when reversing
  • Pull out the pin and adjust the tine position up or down


Model (Code) Weight (kg) Capacity (kg) 32mm hook Capacity (kg) 38mm hook
3PLDH2 60 10,000 15,000
3PLDH3 70 NA – 38mm only 15,000
3PLDH/TB Tow ball attachment for Tow Hitches
Includes Lower Link Pins and Towing Hook.

Does not include 3PL balls or top link pin


Tow Ball Attachment

Seen here is a fully zinc’d Tow Ball Attachment that is secured over the top of the hook and underneath the drawbar.

Features and Benefits

Excellent Operator Vision

User centric design has been the focus of this most recent development of the tow hitch, and this can be seen in the excellent vision of the hook from the tractor seat.

High Tensile Bolt On Tow Hook

Towing hooks/pins are machined out of high tensile steel to bolt into the Tow Hitch frame, this ensures maximum hook strength and support whilst giving the flexibility to remove and replace with a larger or smaller size hook in future.

Safety Flap

Rata Drawbar Hitches feature a spring loaded safety flap that auto sets when the towing eye is in position, simply reverse into position and lift the hook up, when the eye clears the flap it automatically locks the tow eye in.

Safety Chain Eye

Rata Tow Hitches feature a safety chain mount to secure the trailer, wagon or whichever implement you are towing in case of any accidents, this helps to increase the overall safety of your towing tasks.

Double Clevis Linkage

The double clevis linkage mounts on a Rata Tow Hitch are made from thick steel plate, this ensures maximum strength to cope with high weight loadings.

Wear Plate

A bolted steel wear plate protects the towing tongue from premature wear and can be easily unbolted & replaced when worn to extend the life of your tow hitch.

Optional Tow Ball Attachment

This tow ball attachment enables your Rata Tow Hitch to tow conventional trailers around the farm and on the road, simply slip it over the towing pin, insert the locking pin and you are ready to work!

Rope Attachment

We’ve done everything we can think of to make this draw bar hitch as durable as possible. This even comes down to details like the rope, which is protected with a 316 stainless steel thimble and hand swaged securely with a copper ferrule. Not just any stainless – 316 stainless is alloyed with molybdenum to make it more resistant to the highly corrosive effluent found on farms.

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Rata Drawbar Hitch