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SaMASZ Central Suspension Mower

NEW SaMASZ XT Disc mower- you’ll cut more, better and more comfortably! Modern design enhancing quality of work and convenience of transport. This mower, similarly to other SaMASZ Mowers, does not damage the turf, and minimizes the level of dirt, so the harvested grass is highest purity.


Advantages of XT mowers:

  • Central Suspension – giving even weight distribution, perfect ground following and large tilting range (upto 24°) making it easy to use on uneven terrain and allows optimum driving in all conditions.
  • Hydro-Pneumantic Suspension- allows operator to adjust the pressure of the cutting bar on ground, meaning that regardless of terrain the presuure on the ground is always the same. Mower has large visible pressure gauge- which informs operator of the pressure of Hydro-Pneumatic system. Can be adjusted without leaving the tractor cab.
  • Mounting triangle as a standard equipment
  • PTO shaft with overrunning and friction clutch as a standard equipment
  • Mechanical lock for safe transport
  • Hydraulic cylinders as a standard equipment – facilitate lifting to transport position
  • Cutting height indicator as a standard equipment
  • PTO safety guard protects the shaft against dirt and fast wear
  • Flow divider enables balanced drop and lift of the cutterbar with the use of only one single-acting coupler
  • Quick and easy adaptation into clockwise rotation
  • Good visibility during operation and transport
  • Safety guard
  • Unique safety breakaway device
  • Support legs enable safe parking of machine in transport position
  • 125° inclined transport position increasing stability during transport thanks to balanced center of gravity, allowing for improved visibility during transport

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SaMASZ Central Suspension Mower