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Hustler Swifthitch Quick Hitch

Hustler’s New Swift Hitch provides the operator with better visibility, more manoeuvrability and easier connecting than any towbar quick hitch on the market which makes it easier to use and saves your precious time. And it doesn’t stop there… it also has the strongest latching system providing more safety and you’ll never need to get the grinder and welder out to replace a wear pad again!


Industry Best Visibility

Cleanest and widest see through tower on the market, and a clear view to the top of the pin.

Stands By Itself

Stands up on its own, making it easy to store, and connect to the tractor with huge lower linkage arm clearance. ISO standard hitch mounts ensure linkage arms go low enough to connect.

Self-Aligning Latch

Unique ‘V’ shape latch design that guides the pin under the towing eye making it easier to connect when slightly off centre.

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Hustler Swifthitch Quick Hitch