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Rata Yard Scraper

Rata yard scrapers are purpose built attachments for clearing effluent from the cow shed or feed pad. The huge rubber edge is ideal for use on concrete surfaces, is reversible and will last the test of time.

Now easily adjustable from 2.4m – 3.0m wide.

All yard scrapers now fitted standard with side wheels on both sides. Can be made to suit any Loader of Telehandler. No muck about with a Rata Yard Scraper!


Model (Code) Working Width (m) Weight (kg) Minimum HP
YS324 2.4 to 3.0 240 70

Features and benefits

Adjustable Width

The folding wing design of Rata Yard Scrapers enable the operator to easily adjust the working width from 2.4m up to 3.0m depending on the desired width, enabling you to efficiently scrape down large areas and smaller lane ways.

Side Scraper Wheels

Rata Yard Scrapers come complete with side wheels on the end of each scraper wing, this enables the operator to scrape hard up along side curbing, gutters and walls without damage to the Yard Scraper or curbing etc itself.

Heavy Rubber Wear Strips

The engaging edge of the Rata Yard Scrapers are heavy rubber strips, these are ideal on a range of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and lane ways. These heavy strips are also reversible and replaceable.

Folded Wing Profile

The folded wing and base profile of the Rata Yard Scraper helps to increase the overall rigidity of the attachment, helping to prevent twist and buckle in the event of obstructions being engaged.

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Rata Yard Scraper