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Rata V Snow Plough

Rata snow ploughs offer the ultimate in snow ploughing efficiency, where applicable the trip action blade is designed to trip only when a solid object is engaged. This special feature greatly increases the speed that the operator can drive the machine and enhance the life of the blade.

The high quality paint finish allows the snow to roll effortlessly. Twin hydraulic rams offer outstanding stability and manoeuvrability. Rata snow ploughs can be mounted to: Skid steer loaders, Front end loaders and Telehandlers.

A V-shape snow plough is also available for fast ploughing over unsealed surfaces (paddocks, dirt roads etc). making it a great attachement for rescuing marooned stock after snow storm & clearing station tracks over winter.


Model (Code) Description Sealed Surface Capable
SP300-10V 3m wide x 1m high V shape plough No
Enquire for different sizes

Features and Benefits

V Frame Design

V frame design snow ploughs feed snow to both sides and are ideal for clearing unsealed surfaces and rescuing marooned stock. V frame design ploughs leave a relatively even amount of snow on both sides of the plough, giving the operator an easier time as there is no force pushing the front of the tractor one way or another.

Skid Plates

Skid Plates at the front and sides of the snow plough ensure that any unseen undulations do not cause damage to the snow plough or loader. Skids also mean the snow plough glides smoothly along the ground without digging in.

Floating Headstock

Best clearance of the snow possible is achieved through the use of a floating headstock. A floating headstock means that the snow plough glides along as close as possible to the ground on skids without digging in, making a clean job of clearing snow away from farm lanes and when rescuing marooned stock.

Heavy Wall RHS Frame

The heavily built frame on the Rata Snow Plough ensures peace of mind even when dealing with the deepest snow drifts. The 6mm thick shaped blades also offer a substantial amount of structural integrity to the implement.

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Rata V Snow Plough