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Pallet/Bale Combo Fork

Features include fixed or adjustable width forks, optional hydraulic side shift and high back safety frame. Pallet forks can be made to fit to almost any front end loader or material handler. Adjustable forks can be locked into place along the sliding bar by the locking bolt on the top of the fork. 1800kg and 2500kg capacity forks have a class 2 fork carriage.

Bale Fork Attachment

The bale fork attachment is completely separate to the main frame of the combo fork, this enables you to completely remove the bale fork piece when handling pallets.

Easy & Secure Fitting

The Pallet/Bale Fork Combo is designed with user friendliness in mind, the Pallet & Bale Fork combo pieces are easily attached and secured to the main frame for use.

Safety Tine

Much like the Rata Bale Fork, this combo fork comes complete with a removable centre tine for safety when handling bales, this however is removable for when handling pallets.

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Pallet/Bale Combo Fork