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Rata Auger Bucket

The Rata Auger Bucket is an ideal feed out attachment for your Tractor front end loader and/or Telehandler, it’s specifically designed to handle and lightly mix maize silage, palm kernel, grains & other supplementary feed types.

Bridging the capacity gap between a mixer wagon & hand feeding!

The twin mixing star agitators keep the material from bridging.

Auto Extending Chute

Rata Auger Buckets feature this market-leading side chute which extends 275mm upon operation to enable feeding out into feed pads & troughs. By reversing the auger the chute retracts back into the bucket for safe storage when not in use.

High Power Motor

Hydraulic motors on Rata Auger Buckets provide plenty of power to operate the auger, mix and feed product continuously without interruption. The motor is mounted in a recessed cavity to prevent contact & damage with other objects.

One Piece Skin

The main shell of Rata Auger Buckets is a one piece skin that includes the base, rear, top & front of the bucket. One piece skin ensures that the bucket remains as rigid as possible in demanding environments where flex may occur.

Wear Protection

Rata Auger Buckets feature wear protection on engaging surfaces. The front cutting edge is high tensile wear resistant steel for high abrasion resistance. The base & edges of the bucket opening also feature wear protection.

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Rata Auger Bucket