Silage Grabs

Call for Price

Rata Silage Grabs are ideal for high volume silage handling, the Rata Silage Grab has been the popular choice on NZ farms for many years due to its high quality build & ability to secure large amounts of silage & leave the stack or pit face clean.

“Rata Silage Grabs are ideal for loading feedout wagons & mixers & are the preffered brand across New Zealand farms”

  • Rata Silage Grabs open to 1510mm making it possible to handle large hay bales or silage
  • The open back frame with vertical bars gives excellent vision of the silage or forage thats being handled whilst retaining the product.
  • Rata Silage Grab tines are forged spring steel with a welded conus 1 taper sleeve bush for support.
  • Rata Grabs are produced to fit almost every tractor loader, telehandler or skid steer
  • A range of sizes from 1.2m to 3m are available for all requirments