Bale Clamp

Call for Price

Rata Wrapped Bale Clamps (otherwise known as soft hands or bale grabs) are the the most popular wrapped bale grabs for sale in NZ, by being able to handle & transport two bales at once and not damage the wrap.

Features that make the Rata softhands the best are;

  • Narrow arm profile – this makes it easy to stack the bales tight & get the Bale Grab between bales that have been stacked tight without damaging the bale wrap.
  • Equaliser bar – Equaliser bars ensure consistant & even clamping pressure on the bale at all times & keep the bale handler arms synchronised. Equaliser bars on Rata Bale hands are greasable.
  • Round & Square – Rata Bale Grabs easily handle round or square wrapped bales with ease.
  • Vertical nudge bars – accommodate the contour & shape of any bale, this prevents damage of bale wrap against back plates or horizontal bars as found on other bale handlers.
  • Heaviest duty build available – large high tensile pivot pins, heavy duty pipe arms & overall heavy duty build to ensure a lifetime of reliable wrapped bale handling.

This top of the range wrapped bale grab ensures soft handling of your bales whilst providing firm clamping pressure, Rata Wrapped Bale Clamps are manufactured to fit onto any Tractor or Telehandler you may have, allowing you to handle wrapped silage bales with any tractor or telehandler.